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Fleishman believes that Bitcoin offers an opportunity to reimagine how the financial system can and should work in the Internet era. But he makes a distinction between its future as a technology and its future as a currency. “Bitcoin shows a path for massively more secure, reliable, and sensible ways to store value and move it around. As a currency, I have little faith that it will become a ... His guest is Glenn Fleishman, who has written articles for several publications, including The Economist, on the subject of BitCoin. The whole Podcast is 2 hours 24 minutes long, but the part pertinent to Bitcoin is between 26:28 to 1:55:22 – so about 90 minutes long. Alternatively, if you prefer talks with pertinent slides as a subject expert goes along, there is a good YouTube video that ... Glenn Fleishman is a veteran technology reporter based in Seattle, who covers security, privacy, and the intersection of technology with culture. Since the mid-1990s, Glenn has written for a host ... Glenn Fleishman. Follow . Jan 21, 2014 · 12 min ... I recently spent weeks researching an article about the technology challenges affecting Bitcoin for the Economist: “Bitcoin under Pressure ... First up, Glenn Fleishman who publishes The Magazine on Medium and who our readers may know as a contributor to The Economist's Babbage blog From Medium: On the Matter of Why Bitcoin Matters Marc Andreessen was a big part of turning the Web into a mainstream experience, but seems to misunderstand Bitcoin profoundly, writes Glenn Fleishman.

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Glenn Fleishman - Finding the Future By Living in the Past

Fernando Ulrich is a Brazilian economist, trained in the Austrian school of economic thought. He is a board member of Mises Institute Brazil, and co-host of the Crypto Voices podcast. In this ... Glenn Fleishman has a brand new, very timely, and absolutely free title from Take Control Books, Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily. He taps his experience as a work-from-home ... For more about Public Domain Day 2019 check out this article in Smithsonian Magazine by Glenn Fleishman: "For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyright... Glenn Fleishman is a Seattle-based technology journalist and two-time winner on Jeopardy. He write largely about where technology crosses with people's lives, as well as exhaustive technology ... Democracy Now! reports on the state of the U.S. economy.