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[PSA] Dogecoin Wallet version 1.4 released. You must update.

WARNING: DO NOT send your wallet.dat file or dogecoin folder to anyone. There have been reports of people offering to help others by asking them to send their files to them so they can help. DO NOT do this. Scam attempt picture
Always encrypt your wallet! I can't express this enough. You should use a strong password longer than 15 characters. This password should contain numbers, symbols, and some capitalization! There is no need to have your wallet open 24 hours a day. Open it only when you need it. See - 'Getting Started' on the side bar.
This entire post has been written to be as close to ELI5 (Explain it like I'm 5) as possible - By request! If anyone wants to add/fix/correct anything in this message, please send a message to the mods <<-- Click blue text.
All blue text in this post can be clicked on. The blue text is a link to a picture, site or download file.
A very important message/reminder below.
25 Jan 1.5 pre-releases have started.
OLD VERSIONS The 1.4 update for the dogecoin wallet has been released. This update addresses the block chain error that occurred. This update is mandatory meaning you have to do this update. Also further down the page you can read up about the block chain. You MUST make sure you're on the correct block chain and the old block chain has been removed.
For a Windows computer the version must be 1.4. - 1.4.1 just released! See below
For a Apple Mac Computer the version must be 1.4
Download links:
[Windows Download Link](https://github.com/dogecoin/dogecoin/releases/download/1.4/dogecoin-qt-v14-Win.zip) <<--Click to start download
Windows Download Link 1.4.1 UPDATED 19JAN
Mac Download Link <<--Click to start download
Mac users can join this thread if there are any problems
Android (phone): Please see This post
To update, simply download the new version from the download link above. Open the downloaded file and extract the contents of the downloaded file into any new folder or location on your computer. If you put the files into a folder you can name the folder anything you want but make sure you remember that this is the latest version of the software.
You don't have to remove your folder containing the old version of the wallet. You can place it in a folder called 'Old versions of dogecoin wallet' if you like.
Now you can click on the Dogecoin icon contained in the new folder to open your version 1.4 wallet.
What happens if I get an error when I open the new wallet?
An error was reported called "11DbException"
If this happens Download this file and place it in the same folder as your updated wallet. Open the file you just downloaded called "Dogecoin OPEN' and wait. This might take 2 or 3 minutes.
Also jtlarousse has found a solution that worked on Windows. Please follow carefully and make backups before starting.
Reebzy might have found a solution for Apple Mac
Blockchain fork 101: The block chain is a ledger or document created containing every transaction that has ever happened. This file can be quite large. Bitcoins ledger is over 15GB. At some point this document/ledger split into two separate documents known as a fork.
How do I know if I am on the right block chain?
Go to your newly updated dogecoin wallet and open it. Click on Help>>Debug next Observe the current block number
*Note the example numbers in the pictures might be out of date by the time you read them
Now go over to http://dogechain.info/chain/Dogecoin . This website is the official Dogecoin blockchain website. Check the block number they're reporting
The number you found in your wallet and the number reported on the website should close. There might be a difference of 100 blocks depending on when you last refreshed your wallet or how long it took for you to get from one step to the next step in this guide and if the dogechain website is lagging.
My numbers are very different. How do I get back onto the right block chain?
For windows:
1)Close down the Dogecoin wallet client.
2)Go to your data folder: C:\Users[your windows log-in name]\AppData\Roaming\DogeCoin
3)Delete the Dogecoin.conf file. Do not delete the wallet.dat file!
4)Download this update file and place it into the Dogecoin folder where the other file was deleted.
For Apple Mac:
1)Close down the Dogecoin wallet client.
2)Go to your data folder: ~/Libarary/Application Support/Dogecoin
3)Delete the Dogecoin.conf file. Do not delete the wallet.dat file!
4)Download this update file and place it into the Dogecoin folder where the other file was deleted.
Next visit this post by Netcodepool for instructions on how to manually download the correct block chain and install it.
Much Thanks. 
Edit: Some posts were removed from this thread. To limit confusion.
Check this post for details about mining pools that were/are using the wrong fork.
Did you send coins only to find out you're on the wrong chain? See this post to get them back
An Apple Mac support thread has been made by voidref (The mac developer). If you're having troubles please see this thread
Some shibes have reported their wallets wont sync. Please check to make sure your firewall, antivirus, malware scanner or similar programs are not blocking it the wallet. You can add rules to these programs to allow the wallet to make contact with the internet. It's not advised but possible to also disable the software for a short amount of time. Don't forget to enable the software again afterwards.
Is your wallet crashing? Try this helpful tip from gandhikahn or if you're using windows try the 1.4.1 update above.
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Memory Error in Bitcoin QT please help

Hi, I've been trading bitcoin for some time now with no problems. But for the last couple months I've been getting the same error on Bitcoin QT and can't access my wallet. It says "EXCEPTION: 11DbException Db::put: Cannot allocate memory bitcoin in ProcessMessages()" I've tried googling it but can't figure it out. I have over 100 gigs free on my hard drive, running a late 2008 macbook pro with Snow Leopard. Any ideas?
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(bitcoin-qt:21295): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap", terminate called after throwing an instance of 'DbRunRecoveryException' what(): DbEnv::txn_checkpoint: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery Aborted. And when I run it through gdb I get this: [email protected]:~/workspace/bitcoin$ gdb ./bitcoin-qt As usual I had Bitcoin-Qt (v0.9, Win 7 x64) running in the background and sent a transaction via RPC, about 10 minutes later an exception was thrown, ultimately leading to a corrupted wallet.dat file. At that very moment no action was performed and to my best knowledge no other program than bitcoin-qt.exe had access to the wallet.dat. The event logs don't show any incident besides this one ... The Bitcoin protocol, as used in bitcoind before 0.4.4, wxBitcoin, Bitcoin-Qt, and other programs, does not properly handle multiple transactions with the same identifier, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (unspendable transaction) by leveraging the ability to create a duplicate coinbase transaction. 22 CVE-2011-4447: 310 Github-Pull: bitcoin#603 Rebased-From: ccf6c77 # Conflicts: # src/wallet.cpp * [GUI] Fix wrongly displayed balance on Overview tab Github-Pull: bitcoin#598 Rebased-From: 6030877 # Conflicts: # src/qt/overviewpage.cpp * Fixed Multisend dialog to show settings properly Multisend will display a message if it has only been enabled for masternodes and if its enabled for both (Displaying this didnt ... Without security updates, using a bitcoin wallet on a XP machine is irresponsible at least. In addition to that, with 0.12.x there have been varied reports of Bitcoin Core randomly crashing on Windows XP. It is not clear what the source of these crashes is, but it is likely that upstream libraries such as Qt are no longer being tested on XP.

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